IBRO Latin America Regional Committee (LARC)


The IBRO Latin America Regional Committee (LARC) is the IBRO Regional Committee composed of elected voluntary leadership that focuses on supporting and promoting neuroscience in the Latin American region based on its specific needs and conditions. Our activities include:

  • Advising IBRO leadership on regional needs, challenges and opportunities
  • Providing resources for Latin American researchers and those interested in Latin American neuroscience
  • Serving as IBRO regional ambassadors
  • Developing and proposing the annual budget for IBRO’s Latin American activities
  • Reviewing Latin American and global grant applications
  • Holding an annual committee meeting to review, discuss and identify Latin American neuroscience priorities
  • Working closely with the Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Neuroscience Societies (FALAN), the IBRO Latin American member societies and other Latin American and global scientific networks to increase brain research and awareness in the region.

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IBRO-LARC Committee Members serve for 3-year terms (according to current IBRO by-laws established in February 2018) and have the option to run for re-election once. Candidates for new members are proposed by our Governing Council to the Nominating Committee who then evaluates and shortlists the final candidates. They are then presented to the Governing Council in an online election process that ultimately determines the new members.

Carolina Escobar-Briones (2021-23; Chair 2024-26)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Deborah Suchecki (2024-25)
Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Diego Golombek (2024-25)
Plenary Professor and Researcher
Universidad de San Andrés; National Research Council (CONICET)

Flavio Zolessi (2024-26)
Associate Professor
Universidad de la Republica

George E. Barreto (2022-24)
University of Limerick

María Julia Cambiasso (2022-24)
Instituto Ferreyra, INIMEC-CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Córdoba


Paola Haeger (2024-26)
Full Professor
Universidad Católica del Norte


Teresa Morales (2024-25)
Associate Professor; Director
Instituto de Neurobiologia at UNAM