Benefits of IBRO Membership

IBRO brings together a community of scientific societies and related organizations that align with its global mission and work together to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within international neuroscience. 

Through IBRO’s expanding network of close to 80 member organizations, representing upwards of 90,000 neuroscientists across the globe, IBRO facilitates connection and exchange, working to advance international neuroscience on the basis of shared goals and objectives.

IBRO member benefits

As part of a global community of national and regional neuroscience organizations, IBRO members have access to a wide range of benefits and opportunities:

    • Benefit from academic exchanges and other career-enhancing opportunities for your members through our regional and international meetings, training, laboratory short-stays, volunteer opportunities, and committee positions
    • Keep abreast of the latest developments through our newsletter, IBRO Highlights, webinars & publications
    • Gain visibility for your organization through IBRO’s communication channels

    • Benefit from unique expertise and experience in training programs that foster international contacts and future alliances

    • Help shape the direction of IBRO’s programs, World Congresses and other far-reaching initiatives, and ensure your voice is heard
    • Take advantage of representation opportunities through your Regional Committee, which sets priorities & organizes activities to promote neuroscience training and support locally, while maximizing the use of regional talent
    • Liaise with the Regional Committees on defined programs & regional career opportunities

For more information on membership, please contact the IBRO Secretariat at