About IBRO Partnerships


IBRO recognizes the indispensable value of our partnerships in supporting and promoting the field of neuroscience around the world. The collaborative, inclusive and mutually beneficial nature of each one is essential for moving neuroscience forward on a global scale. We have already established several excellent working relationships with member and non-member organizations which all serve to enhance training, research, awareness and participation in neuroscience through a broad range of activities.

You can learn more about our current partnerships below.

•  Advanced Neuroscience Training
•  Fellowships
•  Coordinating Brain Projects
•  Global Outreach & Advocacy


Other areas of potential partnerships include travel grants and stipends, return home and other research fellowships, international short stay grants, neuroethics, diversity, history of neuroscience, awards of research excellence, PhD fellowships and increased support for young and disadvantaged neuroscientists, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America. If you are interested in exploring new ideas or future support within one of our existing partnership areas, please contact Lars Kristiansen, Executive Director, at lars.kristiansen[at]ibro[dot]org.