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IBRO provides a broad range of opportunities to support neuroscience around the world.

Discover IBRO's Funding Calendars
Below you will find the IBRO Grants Calendar and the IBRO Schools and Training Calendar for 2023, which provide the latest information regarding funding and training opportunities available in your region.
IBRO Grants Calendar 2023
Grant Eligible regions Applications open Applications deadline
Career Development
MBL and CSHL Fellowships US/Canada 04 Jan Course dependent
Travel Awards to the CAN Meeting Canada Closed
World Congress Travel Grants All Regions 09 Jan 28 Mar
Science of Learning Fellowships All Regions 16 Jan 28 Apr
FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships Pan-Europe 23 Jan 15 Apr
Exchange Fellowships Asia/Pacific, Latin-America 23 Jan 15 Apr
Parenthood Grants (Round 1) All regions 30 Jan 03 Mar
Scholarships to Enhance and Empower Diversity US/Canada 17 Feb 28 Apr
Collaborative Research Grants Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin-America, Pan-Europe 01 Mar 31 Mar
Travel Grants (July – December 2023)* Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin-America 29 Mar 28 Apr
*Those planning to attend SfN or SONA should apply here
Early Career Awards Asia/Pacific, Latin-America, Pan-Europe 03 Apr 03 May
Parenthood Grants (Round 2) All regions 10 Jul 10 Aug
Travel Grants (January – June 2024) TBD 21 Aug 21 Sep
Rising Stars Awards 2024 TBD 11 Sep 11 Oct
Schools Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Pan-Europe See Schools Calendar
Event Organization
Diversity Grants Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Pan-Europe 20 Feb 20 Apr
Support for Soft Skills Training Pan-Europe 15 May 15 June
Call for School Proposals 2024 All Regions 01 Jun 30 Jun
Conference Sponsorships 2024 TBD 12 Jun 12 Jul
Meetings Support 2024 TBD  03 Jul  03 Aug
Brain Awareness Week Grants 2024 Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, US/Canada 1 Sep  02 Oct
IBRO Schools and Training Calendar 2023
Name of School/Training Location Event Dates Open To Applications deadline
LACONEU 2023 Latin American School in Computational Neuroscience Chile 09-20 Jan LARC Closed
Computational Neuroscience & AI India 09-13 Mar APRC Closed
IBRO-Simons Computational Neuroscience Imbizo South Africa 12 Apr-07 May ARC Closed
Canadian IBRO School Canada May ARC/LARC Closed
Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School (TENSS)
Romania 01-21 Jun All regions 05 Mar
Neuroscience and Brain Disease: From Translation to Intervention Thailand 06-11 Jun APRC Closed
Interacting with Neural Circuits (Cajal) Portugal 18 Jun-09 Jul All regions Closed
Glial Cells in Health and Disease (Cajal) France 19 Jun-07 Jul All regions Closed
RIKEN CBS Summer Program 2023 Japan 03-07 Jul All regions Closed
Integrating and Understanding the IGAP in Relation to Epilepsy Care in Africa
South Africa 03-09 Jul ARC 03 Mar
15th Teaching Tools Workshop South Africa 06-10 Jul ARC 27 Mar
Machine Learning for Neuroscience (Cajal) Portugal 09-29 Jul All regions Closed
Integrating Neuroscience in Public Health: An Outlook on Neurobiological/Neurotherapeutical Aspects of Human Health Pakistan 24-29 Jul APRC 27 Mar
Ulaanbaatar Associate School on Behavioral and Translational Neuroscience Mongolia Aug APRC TBD
Connectomics from Micro-to Meso-and Macro Scales (Cajal) France 18 Sep-06 Oct All regions 03 Apr
Translational Research on Neuroimmunology, Neuroinflammation and Infections of the Nervous System Morocco 26 Sep-08 Oct ARC 26 May
Climate Change Effects on CNS Re-programming and Associated Disorders Egypt Sep ARC TBD
2nd Iranian School of Cognitive Neuroscience for Addiction Prevention and Treatment Development: From Animal Study to Human Brain Mapping Iran 06-13 Oct APRC 05 Jun
14th RTC/School on Neurological Diseases  Tanzania Oct ARC TBD
Acute and Chronic Pain Associated with Neurological Diseases Nigeria 22-28 Oct ARC 22 Jun
Advanced Techniques for Synapse Biology (Cajal) France 23 Oct-10 Nov All regions Opening Apr
Neurochemistry and Neurotoxicant-Related Neurological Disorders Morocco 25-29 Oct ARC 25 Jun
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Sensory Transduction Mexico Oct ARC TBD
Targeting Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neurodegeneration Portugal 29 Oct-04 Nov PERC 30 Jun



General Funding Conditions


  1. For eligibility details, refer to the requirements of each specific grant.
  2. IBRO does not have individual members so individual membership is not a requirement for any of our grants.
  3. All applications are made online with varying deadlines. Application forms are accessible for editing until 5 p.m. CET (Central European Time) of the deadline date listed for each application. Only fully completed applications will be considered. Instructions on how to receive your grant will be included with the notification letter and are made by international wire transfer.
  4. Due to changing financial sanctions, awards made to citizens or residents of Iran and Cuba require approval by the U.S Treasury Department. IBRO will support individual applications for an OFAC license in such cases. Please note this process is independent from IBRO and a response may take several months. IBRO is currently unable to accept applications from or make payments to citizens and residents of North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Russia/Crimea, and Ukraine/Crimea due to changing financial sanctions.
  5. All funding awards will provide 80% payment two months in advance, and 20% payment following submission of the required funding report.
  6. Please read the cancellation policy for IBRO-funded programs & activities

Grant Report Guidelines


If you have received IBRO grants for individual research, the organization of schools and events, global advocacy events or have supervised an IBRO grantee, you are requested to fill out a report form and submit it to the IBRO Secretariat at the end of the grant period. The report forms are online and can be accessed at the following links:

Grant Report Form

School Organizer Report Form

Event Organizer Report Form
Diversity Grant activities
Short Courses

Global Engagement & BAW Grant Evaluation

Global Engagement Seed Grant
IBRO/Dana BAW Grant

If you have any problems accessing the online forms, please contact us at

Payment Formatting Guidelines


These Payment Formatting Guidelines will provide a framework for validating your account number and ensure that mandatory requirements are satisfied prior to payment processing. They are ordered by currency (A-Z) and  explain the formatting of account numbers in addition to any other necessary information required by Western Union Business Solutions and/or the beneficiary institution that may be necessary to make payments to IBRO beneficiaries.

When using  these guidelines it is important to note the following:

1. ALL payments require an account number to accompany the transaction.

2. Verify currency requirements specified by the beneficiary bank country. By doing so, Western Union Business Solutions will be able to continue to seamlessly process all payments while minimizing requests for additional payment processing information.

3. When you receive IBRO funding, you will be contacted by email and asked to enroll your bank account information via GlobalPay (sender: This invitation is frequently recognized as spam, so please check your spam/junk folders if the invitation does not appear in your inbox.

4. Please note the “enroll today” link is displayed as an image and requires html to be enabled.

5. Please select your preferred currency and refer to the Payment Formatting Guidelines (see hyperlink above) when enrolling your bank account information with IBRO.

All “required” fields MUST be completed. Failure to provide all required information will result in SIGNIFICANT delays in the processing of your payment. If for any reason the funds are returned to IBRO by the beneficiary bank, all losses incurred will be subtracted from the award total before re-issue.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can help me with a question about my online application?
Please contact the programs team at and allow two working days for a response.

What should I do if my referee has not yet received any information from IBRO regarding my application?
First, please ask your referee to check his/her “junk-mail” box. If the message did not arrive, please request your referee to contact the programs team directly at

How do I receive the funds from my IBRO grant?
You will receive instructions for reimbursement in the official award letter you receive from IBRO.

Can I receive my funds in advance of the meeting or conference for which I have received a travel grant?
No, it is not possible to send the funds prior to the meeting. To verify that you have attended the meeting or conference for which you have received a travel award, the IBRO Secretariat must receive your certificate of attendance.

Can I apply for and IBRO Return Home Fellowship if I have already returned to my country of origin?
No, you must not yet have returned to your country of origin at the time you apply for IBRO Return Home funding.

Who makes the decisions regarding the funding programs administered through IBRO Central?
IBRO’s Regional Committees, review and ranks all applications. The committees bring a local perspective to decisions made in all of IBRO’s funding program by tapping into the knowledge of local neuroscience programs and training needs to ensure the most promising and most deserving candidates are selected to receive IBRO funding awards. Committee Chairs make every effort to ensure a balanced geographical and gender representation to create career-enhancing opportunities for as many young neuroscience researchers as possible.

Will the information I enter in my funding application remain confidential?
Personal data collected from our members are used exclusively for the needs of IBRO.  Access to these data is secured and limited to IBRO committee members and the IBRO Secretariat. These data are not made available to any outside institution or interests.