Nominations Committee


The Nominations Committee helps select IBRO officers, members of the Regional Committees and members of the Standing Committees in accordance with the Regulations (Section 5.4) and the Guidelines.

Advisory Board

Tracy L Bale 
Current IBRO President 

Giuseppe Di Giovanni
Secretary General

Lars Kristiansen 
Executive Director

Regional Committees

Bong-Kiun Kaang (2023)
Representing the Asian Pacific region
Seoul National University 
Seoul, South Korea

Pierre Luabeya (2023-2024)
Representing the African region
University of Kinshasa
Kinshasa, DRC

Robert Gábriel (2023-2024)
Representing the Pan-European region
University of Pécs
Pecs, Hungary

Cecilia Bouzat (2023)
Representing the Latin America region
Instituto de Investigaciones Bioquímicas Bahia Blanca
Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Samuel David (2023-2024)
Representing the US-Canada region
McGill University
Montreal, Canada