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IBRO Journals

Neuroscience is the flagship journal of IBRO. Established in 1976, it is a hybrid journal that features papers describing the results of original research on any aspect of the scientific study of the nervous system. There are no costs to authors to publish.

IBRO Neuroscience Reports

IBRO Neuroscience Reports is a fully open access journal that considers for publication any article that is methodologically sound, including negative data and replication studies when justified with a scientifically sound rationale.


IBRO calls for applications are published all year round for individuals and organizers in all regions

Career development

IBRO provides a broad range of funding opportunities to support neuroscience around the world

IBRO 2023 World Congress

The 11th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience
in Granada, Spain 9-13 September 2023

IBRO news

A Neuroscience cover speaks a thousand words

Writing a paper is an important skill for scientists, however, designing a good graphical representation of a scientific discovery takes an extra dose of imagination and artistic ability. In 2022, the winners of the annual best Neuroscience cover competition were the...

IBRO Exchange Fellowships: Broadening the Training of Early-Career Researchers

Learning a new technique, investigating preliminary data with another method, starting a collaboration, or experiencing a different research environment. There can be many advantages to completing short stays or internships in another lab, including benefits for the...


Developed by FENS and IBRO-PERC, the ‘Slots in NENS courses’ programme aims to support MSc and PhD neuroscience students currently studying in Europe to broaden their knowledge and acquire international experience by participating in short courses organised by the...

Championing Women in Neuroscience

Despite a concerted effort from many stakeholders to increase the accessibility of scientific careers for women and underrepresented groups around the world, many continue to encounter difficulties in pursuing a career in neuroscience. Faced with challenging personal...

A Toolkit to Succeed in Neuroscience in Africa – An IBRO-ALBA-WWN-SANS Webinar

The webinar "A Toolkit to Succeed in Neuroscience in Africa - An IBRO-ALBA-WWN-SANS Webinar"  aims at creating a guide to the skill set needed to be a neuroscientist in the African continent. Chairs and panelists will illustrate different areas of expertise as part of...

Scholarships to Enhance and Empower Diversity

SEE-Diversity is a privately funded program whose goal is to increase the successful transition to and retention of diverse, early career neuroscientists into academic positions. The program will provide diverse Ph.D. neuroscientists with long-term mentoring and...

IBRO president to discuss global collaboration for brain health at Brain Awareness Week event in March

Organized by the European Brain Council (EBC), with the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) and IBRO, the “Brain Awareness Week 2023: Global Partnerships in Brain Research” event will reflect on global challenges related to brain health and how global...

Neuroscience Special Issue on Axon guidance in tribute to Friedrich Bonhoeffer

Axon guidance, the process that determines the direction and trajectory of growth of axons, is essential for the development of the nervous system. Studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control this process is important for understanding how the nervous...

IBRO Parenthood Grants: supporting the continuity of new parents in scientific research

Dr. Melisa Monteleone was at a crucial stage of her academic career when she discovered she was pregnant. While thrilled to find out her family was growing, she knew that taking maternity leave at that time might impact her availability to mentor her students, produce...

IBRO seeks a new colleague: Grants and Programs Coordinator

The IBRO Grants and Programs Coordinator will implement and coordinate our global funding programs, including day-to-day communication with external organizers, IBRO’s five regional committees, and early career scientists. The Grants and Programs Coordinator is part...

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