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Neuroscience is the flagship journal of IBRO. Established in 1976, it is a hybrid journal that features papers describing the results of original research on any aspect of the scientific study of the nervous system. There are no costs to authors to publish.

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IBRO Neuroscience Reports is a fully open access journal that considers for publication any article that is methodologically sound, including negative data and replication studies when justified with a scientifically sound rationale.


IBRO calls for applications are published all year round for individuals and organizers in all regions

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IBRO provides a broad range of funding opportunities to support neuroscience around the world

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Exploring the Neurobiology of Hearing: Winner of the 2023 Neuroscience Cover Competition

With fine representations of neurons crucial for hearing - the bushy cells - the winner of the 2023 Neuroscience cover competition captures the beauty of these neurons and the natural changes that occur over time. Featured in Neuroscience issue 514, the cover image...

Revealing the genes controlling neural development using a powerful technique which provides insights at the level of individual cells

New advances in high throughput molecular analysis are enabling researchers to investigate how the hundreds of different neuronal cell types arise and develop in the brain. While we have known about the basic rules underlying the development of the nervous system for...

IBRO Collaborative Research Grants: Enabling Impactful Cooperation

Collaboration is crucial for the progress of the scientific enterprise. Not only does it enable the sharing of knowledge and resources, saving time and funds, it can also enhance cooperation among scientists with common goals, rather than fostering competition....

International Women’s Day 2024: IBRO DEI Initiatives Empower Women in Neuroscience

With the aim of raising awareness about the global challenges confronting women, International Women's Day (8 March) is a moment to reinforce support of gender equity and the end of discrimination against women. Led by the strong female figure of our esteemed...

Towards a new understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders: from genes, brain to behavior

Open | 15 March - 15 April, 2024 | This 8-day program offers cutting-edge lectures on genes, brains, and behaviors for understanding neuropsychiatric disorders from animal models to clinic. Additionally, it presents a great opportunity for global networking, providing...

Register for the Global Neuroscience Horizons webinar, IBRO-ECC edition: “Latest Advancements in Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease”

Given the global aging population, Alzheimer's Disease will become a significant global health issue. Therefore, this webinar will bring together emerging early-career neuroscientists to discuss the latest advancements in understanding and detecting the disease. Dr....

Cerebral Organoids Model For Ageing Neurobiology Research

Open | 12 March - 12 April, 2024 | This school is committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience, hands-on training, and personal enrichment opportunities in order to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and ethical understanding necessary to...

Most downloaded articles published in 2023 in IBRO Neuroscience Reports

Explore the selection of most downloaded papers published in IBRO Neuroscience Reports in 2023.Where do you measure the Bregma for rodent stereotaxic surgery? Cecyn & Abrahao, 2023Fake news and false memory formation in the psychology debate Leon et al,...

SEE-Diversity to Success Workshop

Open | 22 February - 1 May, 2024 | Announcing the fourth annual mentoring and career-enhancement program, SEE-Diversity (Scholarships to Enhance and Empower Diversity), for diverse early-career neuroscientists. The program begins with an intensive workshop to be held...

New research provides evidence a high calorie diet could affect mental health in a matter of weeks

We are what we eat, so the saying goes. Not only does a high-calorie diet impact physical health, it also affects the state of mind. That’s been known for some time. But new research published in Neuroscience provides evidence, in rats, that mental health may be...

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