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Winning cover image of the annual Neuroscience cover competition award for 2022: provided by Ms. Heba M. Mansour from Egyptian Drug Authority, Egypt. The winning cover was featured in Volume 469C, on 10 August 2021, along with the article ‘Potential Repositioning of Anti-cancer EGFR Inhibitors in Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Perspectives and Challenging Prospects‘ in our flagship journal Neuroscience. The related article within the winning issue is a collaboration with Hala M.Fawzy, Aiman S.El-Khatib and Mahmoud M.Khattab.



Established in 1976, Neuroscience is the flagship journal of IBRO. Elsevier publishes 28 issues per year.

The journal features papers describing the results of original research on any aspect of the scientific study of the nervous system. Any paper, however short, is considered for publication provided that it reports significant, new and carefully confirmed findings with full experimental details.

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Open Access Support Neuroscience supports Open Access publishing.

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