Governing Council


The Governing Council is the governing body of IBRO. It determines the policies and programs of IBRO and directs their implementation and conduct. The Governing Council is empowered to take all steps necessary to fulfil its function. It may enter into contracts that IBRO may lawfully make. The Governing Council may make suitable arrangements for co-operation with other organizations. The Chair of the Governing Council is the IBRO President. The Governing Council is composed of:

The representatives (usually the President) of the member organizations make up the Governing Council (GC), the highest policy making body of IBRO. They meet once or twice a year at the site of a major meeting (usually that of the Society for Neuroscience) and are regularly asked to vote on issues or appointments of importance (about 6 – 8 times a year). Each GC member holds a number of votes that relates to the size of the organization that he/she represents. Members of the Governing Council shall serve for two years. Members may serve for up to three consecutive terms. If a Council member should fail to complete his/her term, a substitute may be appointed by the member organization concerned for the remainder of the term. Concerning membership dues, virtually all dues go to support IBRO’s programs. Moreover, the organization is run almost in its entirety by scientists who volunteer their time; salaries are paid only to a few full and part-time employees. Furthermore, IBRO waives the dues of all Member Organizations having fewer than 100 members and the majority of those with fewer than 250.