With the aim of raising awareness about the global challenges confronting women, International Women’s Day (8 March) is a moment to reinforce support of gender equity and the end of discrimination against women. Led by the strong female figure of our esteemed president, Prof. Tracy L. Bale, IBRO, together with several stakeholders, is committed to fostering the career development of female neuroscientists, by providing access to funding and training opportunities and consciously advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in neuroscience. 

Women of IBRO: Members of IBRO’s Leadership, Committees, and Secretariat, and the Chief Editors of Neuroscience, IBRO’s flagship journal.

Today, IBRO takes the opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements worldwide, acknowledging the difficulties they face, and emphasizing its commitment to promote gender equity in neuroscience. Below you will find the current projects and programs through which IBRO strives to bring diversity, equity and inclusion to the neuroscientific field:

IBRO Diversity Grants

IBRO Parenthood Grants

IBRO Early Career Awards

IBRO Rising Stars   Awards


IBRO-USCRC MBL Fellowships

SEE-Diversity to Success Workshop

Undergraduate Summer Internships Program

ALBA Network’s IBRO-supported projects

World Women in Neuroscience’s IBRO-supported projects