Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is chaired by the Secretary General and works to implement the initiatives of the Governing Council. The Executive Committee makes decisions about the acceptance of Member Organizations of IBRO and elects Directors for the various programmes mandated by the Governing Council, and Liaison Officers with other organizations, and receives their reports. The Executive Committee also makes temporary appointments of officers and committee members when necessary, and approves the annual budget along with the IBRO Finance Committee.


Tracy L. Bale (President)
University of Maryland, School of Medicine
Baltimore, USA

Giovanni Giussepe (Secretary General elect)
University of Malta

Sung-Jin Jeong (past Secretary General)
Korea Brain Research Institute
Daegu, South Korea

Jerome Sanes (Treasurer)
Brown University
Providence, USA

Chairs of the Regional Committees

Africa : Desire Tshala-Katumbay
University of Kinshasa; Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo; Portland, USA

Asia/Pacific: Pike-See Cheah
Universiti Putra Malaysia
Selangor, Malaysia

Latin America: Adrian Palacios
Universidad de Valparaíso
Valparaíso, Chile

Pan-Europe: Jose Luis Lanceigo
Functional Neuroanatomy of Basal Ganglia Lab
Pamplona, Spain

US/Canada: Michela Fagiolini
Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston, USA

Non-Voting Member

IBRO-ECC Representative: Srikanth Ramaswamy
University of Bern
United Kingdom