IBRO Core Values


IBRO serves the global neuroscience community guided by a set of core organizational values. As the world and its needs change, we acknowledge that these values remain constant, but the strategies and actions to enact them will require regular review.

Accountability: IBRO takes ownership and holds itself accountable for its actions and programs by communicating and acting transparently, respectfully, equitably and inclusively. This serves as the foundation of trust that binds the IBRO community together.

Diversity: IBRO represents an independent global scientific network of member organizations, and respects and upholds the expression of this community’s diversity. The respectful integration of different opinions, backgrounds, experiences, expertise, interests, and perspectives, is essential for the implementation of IBRO’s mission

Equity: IBRO strives to ensure equitable and inclusive access, participation, and leadership in neuroscience. Prioritizing and creating opportunities for those who have no or limited access to resources, education, training, mentorship, and financial support are central actions of IBRO.

Impact: The work of IBRO shall result in measurable impacts that can be evaluated with transparent and consistent metrics to ensure evidence-based development and advancement of operations and activities.

Inclusiveness: IBRO believes in a worldwide scientific community where everyone has the right to access, participate, and benefit from global resources. Neuroscience has no borders and should serve to engage and inspire everyone, ensuring that human development and welfare are built collectively.

Leadership: IBRO assumes the preeminent role as the global leader in the promotion and support of equitable, inclusive and sustainable neuroscience research, capacity building, partnership, engagement, and advocacy. IBRO shall lead by example and work to empower community members to shape a better future for all.

Integrity: IBRO upholds equitable and respectful conduct. There is zero tolerance within the organization or entities supported by IBRO for harassment, bullying, condescending or patronizing behaviors, or discrimination based on cronyism, nepotism, race, color, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origins, genetics or disability.

Partnership: IBRO acknowledges that advancing neuroscience globally cannot succeed without shared goals and joint efforts. Working with other like-minded organizations based on transparent and mission-aligned agreement, reduces individual burdens and duplication of efforts while increasing impact. Leveraging shared resources and taking collective action are essential for fair and sustainable growth in neuroscience.

Professionalism: IBRO strives to maintain the highest standards of professional behavior in all activities conducted by the organization, its representatives or by entities supported by IBRO. Integrity, honesty, patience, and respect should be embodied and expressed towards all others in any aspect and activity of IBRO.

Quality: IBRO promotes and fosters excellence in neuroscience research, and maintains the highest standards for scientific rigor, measurable impact and inclusive, ethical neuroscience research and training through efficient and transparent use of IBRO funds.

Service: IBRO is a non-profit international association operating under the Association loi 1901 of France that is committed to serving the interests of its membership and the greater global neuroscience community with transparency, accountability, equity, inclusivity and integrity.

Sustainability: IBRO seeks to minimize the negative impact of its actions on the environment and human development. In doing so, IBRO aligns itself with the 2030 United Nations agenda for sustainable development and its 17 goals for all.