IBRO Regional Committees


IBRO Regional and Sub-regional Committees support the IBRO mission and help to plan and implement IBRO activities in their local areas. They help identify, develop and support education and training programs which meet local, national and regional needs and promote neuroscience in their regions through outreach, mentoring and capacity building.  Their specific mandate is defined in Article XXIII of the IBRO Regulations.

They function primarily through collaboration via email, telephone and online conferences. However, each Committee meets in person at least once per year, usually at the time of a major regional or international meeting, such as an IBRO World Congress, SONA Conference (Africa), FALAN Congress (Latin America), FAONS Congress/Symposium (Asia/Pacific), SfN meeting (North America) or FENS Forum/Regional Meeting (Europe).

Committee members are nominated and elected by Governing Council members. They receive general IBRO and committee-related information regularly, are asked to review and evaluate regional and international program applications, develop and maintain programs, submit annual budget requests and reports, and participate in exchanges aimed at building consensus, making decisions and assuring accountability. Term of committee member service is 3 years, with the option to be re-elected for a second and final 3-year term.

There are five IBRO Regional Committees :

Africa Regional Committee (ARC)

Asia/Pacific Regional Committee (APRC)

Latin America Regional Committee (LARC)

Pan-Europe Regional Committee (PERC)

US/Canada Regional Committee (USCRC)