IBRO World Congress


Fueled by its mission to highlight excellent regional neuroscience and increase awareness about the multifaceted neuroscience research that takes place in different world regions, IBRO implements its World Congress every four years in different parts of the world. 

With a truly engaging and diverse scientific program, previous IBRO World Congresses, including the most recent that took place in Granada, Spain, have attracted a large number of scientists at different career stages and from all corners of the world for an inclusive and open exchange of ideas and concepts, often leading to new understandings and updated paradigms for research. 

The IBRO World Congress rotates between different world regions and thus facilitates the participation of world experts and the representation of diverse regional neuroscience communities in an inclusive manner. 

In 2027, the IBRO World Congress will be held in the continent of Africa for the first time and a competitive selection process for the country and venue is currently underway. 

Implemented under the direct responsibility of IBRO, the World Congress will offer exciting opportunities for the participants to exchange and learn from their international peers and as always, offer an excellent variety of scientific lectures and symposia across the scientific program.

It is imperative to recognize and support the remarkable progress achieved by the vast neuroscience communities in Africa. Aligned with our commitment to equity and inclusion, IBRO is delighted to announce that we will host the IBRO 2027 World Congress in Africa for the first time.


Tracy L. Bale, PhD, IBRO President

IBRO 2027 World Congress – Bidding Process

We invite conference centers, destination managers, and other MICE stakeholders in Africa to participate in the bidding process. To obtain detailed information about the process and receive the bidding material, please contact IBRO’s secretariat at world_congress@ibro.org.

1. Bid submission deadline

Bid replies must be submitted to the attention of Dr Lars Kristiansen, IBRO Executive Director by 30 April 2024.

2. Review and shortlisting

Submitted bids will be thoroughly reviewed and the IBRO Executive Committee will shortlist up to three destinations.

3. Final decision

The final decision on the IBRO World Congress Venue Selection will be made by the IBRO Executive Committee later in 2024.

Past IBRO World Congresses

Granada, Spain (2023) – 2,800 participants

Daegu, South Korea (2019) – 4,385 participants

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015) – 2,500 participants

Florence, Italy (2011) – 4,200 participants

Melbourne, Australia ( 2007) – 2,500 participants

Prague, Czech Republic (2003) – 2,500 participants

Jerusalem, Israel (1999) – 1,500 participants

Kyoto, Japan (1995) – 3,500 participants

Montréal, Canada (1991) – 3,500 participants

Budapest, Hungary (1987) – 3,000 participants

Lausanne, Switzerland (1982) – 2,500 participants