IBRO Member News

15th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society

22-24 March 2023

The Göttingen Meeting of the GNS takes place as an in-person event and covers all topics in neuroscience; results from all areas of brain research and neurobiology will be presented. Registration fees are very reasonable, encouraging student participation. Accordingly, the Göttingen meeting is traditionally a rather young meeting. Registration is possible until 8 March 2023. 

More info: https://www.nwg-goettingen.de/2023/default.asp?id=0

Twitter: @NeuroforumNWG

ISN-ESN 2023 Meeting, Porto, Portugal

8-11 August 2023

Offering a stimulating and engaging experience for both established researchers and our rapidly expanding young academic community, the meeting will encompass the most important and emerging concepts in the field of modern molecular neuroscience. See you in Porto! 

More info: https://www.neurochemistry.org/isn-esn-2023/general-information/

Twitter: @ESNsociety

46th Japan Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, Sendai, Japan 

1-4 August 2023

The Japan Neuroscience Society would like to announce their warmest invitation to the IBRO community to participate in the 46th Japan Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, “Towards the Galaxy of Neuroscience”, in the beautiful city of Sendai, Japan, on 1-4 August 2023. Call for Abstracts: 8 February. Early Registration: 19 April.

More info: https://neuroscience2023.jnss.org/en/index.html 

Neuroscience 2023 – SfN meeting, Washington, D.C, US

11-15 November 2023

Session & Event submission is now open for the 2023 SfN meeting, which will happen in Washington, D.C., US, 11-15 November 2023. Scientists working in Neuroscience or related fields are encouraged to submit their proposals until January 24, 2023, 5 p.m. ET. 

More info: https://www.sfn.org/meetings/neuroscience-2023#submit