About IBRO

IBRO is the global association of neuroscience societies established in 1961 that aims to promote and support neuroscience around the world through training, education, research, outreach and engagement activities, and the publication of our two journals, Neuroscience and IBRO Neuroscience Reports.

More than 90 international, regional and national scientific members constitute IBRO’s Governing Council which, together with the IBRO Executive Committee and five Regional Committees, address the needs and advance the work of individual scientists and research communities everywhere. In addition, IBRO has partnerships with like-minded scientific organizations to identify priorities and help bridge gaps in knowledge, investment and resources in the field of brain research.


IBRO Mission:

  • Develop, support, coordinate and promote scientific research in all fields concerning the brain
  • Promote international collaboration and exchange of scientific information on brain research throughout the world
  • Provide for and assist in education and dissemination of information relating to brain research


I have had a unique opportunity to appreciate how effective IBRO is as a really worldwide organization in neuroscience, highly flexible and with minimal bureaucracy. Relying on human power, creativity and generosity, IBRO does not represent any national strategy or policy, and truly gathers all of them. Despite fantastic progress and technological and scientific achievements in brain research, the global village of neuroscience is still far from being global. Lots of work is needed.

Marina Bentivoglio, IBRO Secretary General (2007-2009


Strategic Plan (2020-2025)

 The IBRO Strategic Plan was approved by IBRO’s Governing Council on 11 December 2020. It is the first strategic plan ever formally established by the organization in its history. The strategic plan is rooted in the articulated vision and mission statements of IBRO and on this basis serves to guide and inspire current and future leadership in the continued development of the organization. Within a five-year horizon, the strategic plan of IBRO defines the overall direction of the organization, identifying short and medium range objectives within the main operational pillars for the period 2020-2025.

To download: IBRO Strategic Plan (2020-2025)

Annual reports: IBRO Annual Report 2021

                               IBRO Annual Report 2020

Statutes & By-laws

Please click on the link for our current Statutes. They are undergoing revision at this time and will be updated once the final version has been approved. Please note that this document also includes the old by-laws that are no longer active.

The current Regulations were approved by the IBRO Governing Council in November 2022.