Membership Categories


IBRO is composed of the following member categories:

•  Corporate Members

•  Academic Members

•  Supporting Members

•  Honorary Members


Corporate Members

An IBRO Corporate Member is a neuroscience society or committee devoted to neuroscience or cognate discipline, a research council or similar scientific society. It pays an annual subscription to IBRO, the amount of which is in relation to the number of individual members of the society and in accordance with the fee categories decided by the Executive Committee.

Each Corporate Member selects one representative from their membership who serves on the IBRO Governing Council with voting rights in relation to the size of their membership.

Corporate Members shall promote among their members knowledge and active interest in the objectives and work of IBRO, and shall inform the IBRO Secretary General of events and developments in their geographical regions that are of importance to IBRO.


Academic Members

Academic Membership is open to National Academies of Science or similar scientific societies. Each Academic Member shall select one representative from their membership to serve on the Governing Council, normally allocated with one vote. Academic Members are entitled to negotiate the amount of their dues.


Supporting Members

Supporting Members are commercial companies, foundations, research institutes or other bodies who wish to contribute to the objectives of IBRO. Membership in this category is obtained by invitation from the President or the Secretary General and upon recommendation of the Executive Committee. A Supporting Member shall be responsible for payment of an annual subscription to IBRO, the amount of which will be recommended by the Executive Committee to the Supporting Member.


Honorary Members

Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to neuroscience and to the objectives and work of IBRO, on recommendation of the IBRO Nominating Committee, may be elected Honorary Members of IBRO by a two-thirds majority vote of the Governing Council members. Honorary Members shall have the rights and privileges of the other members.