Open | 15 March – 15 April, 2024 |

This 8-day program offers cutting-edge lectures on genes, brains, and behaviors for understanding neuropsychiatric disorders from animal models to clinic. Additionally, it presents a great opportunity for global networking, providing a unique platform for emerging scientists in the neuroscience community.


Neuropsychiatric disorders are complex conditions with often poorly defined neurobiological bases. Our school encompasses lectures on cutting-edge research on genes, brains, and behaviors for understanding neuropsychiatric disorders from animal models to clinic. The selected participants will have the chance to learn from and interact with local or international speakers to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and networking in the neuroscience community.

This school is organized in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba and Monash University Malaysia and will tale place at the National Taiwan University (NTU) where the selected students will first be offered a 5-day lecture-centered training program (18 – 22 August). The program then continues with participation in the participation in the 2024 Taiwan Society for Neuroscience (TSfN) conference, also held at National Taiwan Universit (NTU) (23 – 25 August).

This 8-day (5+3) associate school is designed to promote and strengthen training of young neuroscience students and emerging neuroscience scientists to enter the international neuroscience community. NTU holds high quality researchers and highly skilled technical staffs with cutting-edge research technology platforms and state-of-art facilities for researchers to conduct world-class research in Taiwan. We have formed linkages with local and international institutes through various research projects to enhance neuroscience research.

Application period:
15 March – 15 April, 2024

School website:

School dates:
18-25 Aug, 2024

School location:
National Taiwan University, Department of Psychology
Taipei, Taipei, 10617

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In the school, we will address questions such as whether it is possible for a key single molecule to understand the overt behavioral activity, mental and cognitive control, and how the neuronal mechanisms may facilitate emotional control and cognitive functions. We will also address issues such as how the relevant brain mechanisms and behaviors may be compromised under different neuropsychiatric disorders. Moreover, some potential therapeutic targets and treatments will be highlighted as well. The school will also offer additional group discussions, interactive sessions, and hands-on training on research-related topics. It is expected that students in the school will attend the TSfN meeting and present in the 3-minute thesis competition or poster sessions.


  • Eligible applicants must be:
    • Bachelor students
    • Master students
    • PhD students
    • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Only applicants residing in the Asia-Pacific region are eligible to apply.



Subsidies will be determined on a case-by-case basis, mainly targeting international students.

Domestic/local students should not expect to have all their expenses covered.

Depending on the case, costs which will be covered might include:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Social program
  • 2024 TSfN registration fee


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