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This school is committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience, hands-on training, and personal enrichment opportunities in order to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and ethical understanding necessary to conduct cerebral organoid research effectively in ageing neurobiology research. The school aims to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and contribute to advancing neurobiology research better to understand the human brain and associated ageing neurological disorders.


Cerebral organoids have opened up exciting avenues for studying the ageing brain and unravelling the complexities of neurodegenerative disorders. These miniature brain models offer a unique opportunity to investigate the underlying mechanisms of brain ageing, identify novel therapeutic targets, and test potential interventions in a controlled and ethically acceptable manner. By harnessing the power of cerebral organoids, researchers are poised to make significant strides in our understanding of the ageing brain and ultimately improve the lives of individuals affected by neurodegenerative diseases.

The 7-day IBRO-APRC Associate School focuses on the following 4 domains:

Education: The school’s primary aim is to provide participants with comprehensive education and knowledge about applications of cerebral organoids in ageing neurobiology research. Participants will learn about the principles, techniques, and applications of cerebral organoids in neuroscience, focusing on ageing neurobiology. The school will have 11 invited lectures (speakers from local and regional institutions) and 4 technical talks (by the host) to cover the broad ageing topics. At the same time, it aims to enhance participants’ understanding of cerebral organoids as a model system for studying brain development and ageing.


Application period:
12 March -12 April, 2024

School website:

School dates and location:
12-18 Aug, 2024

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Universiti Putra Malaysia
UPM Serdang, Selangor, 43400

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Hands-on Training: The school aims to offer participants practical hands-on training in working with cerebral organoids. Through laboratory sessions and demonstrations, participants will learn the step-by-step protocols for generating and maintaining cerebral organoids. They will gain experience in culturing, handling, and manipulating organoids, as well as in conducting experiments and analysing data. The hands-on training component aims to equip participants with the technical skills necessary to conduct their cerebral organoid research in the future. The school will have 8 hands-on or demonstration sessions to expose the participants to various techniques involving sophisticated equipment such as a real-time PCR system, high-content imaging and flow analysis.

Personal / Career Development Enrichment: The school seeks to provide unique enrichment opportunities for participants. It aims to inspire and motivate individuals by highlighting the potential impact of cerebral organoid research on understanding the complexities of the human brain, including the ageing process. It aims to stimulate intellectual curiosity and foster personal growth and fulfilment. The school will include 3 interactive sessions that encourage participants to reflect on the ethical considerations and societal implications of cerebral organoid research, a technique for writing an impactful paper, finding the right mentor and visits to the Museum of Human Anatomy and Laboratories for Human Ageing studies in the institute.

Ethical Considerations: The school aims to address the ethical considerations associated with cerebral organoid research through a special neuroethics session. It will provide insights into the responsible conduct of research, including informed consent, patient privacy, and the use of human-derived materials. Discussions focused on ethical dilemmas and guidelines will be included to promote ethical awareness and responsible practices among participants.


  • Final year Bachelor or MD students
  • Master students
  • PhD Students
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Junior Faculty

Only applicants based in or affiliated with an institution in the Asia-Pacific region are eligible to apply for this school.


  • Travel (economy flight ticket with a maximum limit and local ground transport)
  • Accommodation and meals

International travel insurance is not covered and must be purchased by selected applicants from their home countries.


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