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Located just outside Tokyo, Japan, this summer program presents an opportunity for advanced students to explore how multiple networks within the brain dynamically interact to make it possible for us to perceive and understand the world around us. Applicants may choose between or combine the Plan A (a 2-month laboratory internship) and Plan B (an intensive 5 days lecture course).


This program will address emerging understanding of how the brain integrates information from the senses with existing internal representations to extrapolate a model of the outside world. In addition to discussion of the multiple critical brain functions that underlie perception, such as sensory processing, attention and memory, we will also consider how disruptions in these interconnected abilities may lead to mental disorders involving abnormal perceptual experience.

PLAN A (Internship course)
2 months
20 June – 20 August 2024

Summer interns will work within a RIKEN CBS Lab for 2 months and participate in the research activities of the host laboratory. You may review the potential host laboratories here.

PLAN B (Lecture course)
5 days
8 July – 12 July 2024

Application deadline:
15 January 2024

School website:

School dates and location:
Plan A: 20 June – 20 August 2024
Plan B: 8 July – 12 July 2024

Wako, Saitama 351-0106, Japan

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This 5-day course features intensive lectures by distinguished international faculty and participant-led poster sessions, offering a balanced approach to deepen students’ insight and expertise in neuroscience. The lectures cover both basic concepts and cutting-edge research, providing a comprehensive platform for exploring new techniques and discoveries in the selected theme. Participants are encouraged to seize the program’s wonderful opportunities to expand the horizons of their research. You may check the lecture schedule here.

NB: Those participating in the internship (Plan A) may also enroll in the lecture course (Plan B).


Attendees come from wide-ranging academic backgrounds and are usually enrolled in graduate courses or have recently embarked on postdoctoral research. However, candidates holding other positions are encouraged to apply.

All accepted students must be able to travel to Tokyo.



Those who submit a financial request letter and are approved will receive the following support. Applicants must follow RIKEN’s travel itinerary in accordance with RIKEN’s regulations.

  • Round-trip airfare* or bullet train (Shinkansen) fare
  • Transportation fee between Narita/Haneda Airport and RIKEN
  • Accommodation
  • No registration fees are required

Please note that:

  • *There is a maximum amount for each region for ticket reimbursement.
    • Therefore, please note that we may not be able to reimburse the full amount.
  • Airfare and domestic transportation must be purchased by the participant.
    • Reimbursement will be made after the required documents are submitted upon return to your country.
  • There will be no salary supplement or support for food expenses.

More information about our financial support will be provided after you have been qualified for the program.



  • Apply by 15 January 2024 (09:00, JST)
    • The deadline for the recommendation letter is also the same day.
    • Your supervisor will receive an email asking him/her to upload the recommendation letter once you register your supervisor’s information. It is important you make sure that your supervisor is aware of your request for a recommendation.
  • Please learn more about the application procedure, and review the required documents and the applications FAQ here.
    • All documents should be prepared in English
  • Apply HERE

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