IBRO is delighted to announce the appointment of Francesca Cirulli, Chen Zhang, and Sarah J. Spencer as new Chief Editors of Neuroscience

These three very accomplished neuroscientists have been selected from a competitive field of excellent peers, for their individually outstanding contributions to neuroscience, and as a team, for their complementary approaches and backgrounds, as well as their excellent understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with today’s publishing of a society-owned journal. 

Bringing different scientific backgrounds, expertise, and different geographical representations to the table, the new Chief Editor team, starting on 1 January 2024,  is expected to further position Neuroscience as an excellent venue for the publication of transparent and diverse research in the field of neuroscience.

Francesca Cirulli

Research Director and Full Professor at the Center for Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health of the Italian National Institute of Health


Chen Zhang

Professor and Vice President at the Capital Medical University


Sarah J. Spencer

Professor at the School of Health and Biomedical Sciences, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University


The President of IBRO, Tracy L. Bale says:

“On behalf of IBRO, I am thrilled to welcome these three highly respected scientists as new Chief Editors of Neuroscience. I am confident that this dream team will not only ensure that Neuroscience will continue as a high-quality, broad neuroscience journal, but that it will further serve in supporting IBRO’s global mission for the publication of diverse and equitable neuroscience research. We are very pleased to have secured this new team of Chief Editors and look forward to working with them in 2024!” – Tracy L. Bale

From 2024, the neuroscience community can look forward to exciting developments under the guidance of the new team of Chief Editors. Neuroscience remains committed to providing a platform that encourages collaboration, fosters excellence, and promotes the dissemination of knowledge within the neuroscience community. IBRO looks forward to starting to work together with this excellent and dynamic team of Chief Editors in 2024!