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This virtual workshop will focus on eco-mental health and psychosocial support, one of the most current topics on the international scene. The aim of this event is distinct as it sheds light on the impact of climate change and extreme cosmic phenomena on human mental health. 

About the school:

The scientific activities of this virtual workshop will focus on addressing the effects of environmental challenges on mental health and diseases especially in the African continent. This workshop is held  in conjuction with the Egyptian COP27  Presidency in 2023.

Increasing awareness and linking neuroscience research strategies is urgently required to better understand the effects of environmental stressors on evolving human personality. This workshop will discuss:
– Nervous system activities in health and disease
– Causes of global warming and awareness with the sustainable development goals
– Diseases caused by global warming (nervous system infection, substance abuse, stress, etc.)
– The mental health of the peoples of the African continent in attempts to adapt to global warming.

In addition to basic lectures, intensive practical content will be delivered to introduce modern techniques in conducting experiments using molecular biology, imaging tools, bioinformatics and their applications in the field of neuroscience.

Who should apply to this school?

This school is open to doctoral and post-doctoral fellows in the Africa, Asia-Pacific, Pan-Europe, Latin America, and US/Canada regions. Young researchers/neurologists affiliated with African universities are strongly encouraged to apply.

The top listed candidates will be selected for personal attendance at the workshop while another group will be selected for virtual participation (official certificates awareded in both instances).


Alexandria University

Application dates:
June 15 – July 15, 2023

School dates and location:

20-30 January, 2024

Virtual Format

Alexandria University, Egypt

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For any queries, please contact Dr. Amira Zaky at