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Pain has been shown to consistently substantially impact patients, their environment, and the healthcare system. Lower back pain ( a more common type of chronic pain) is the leading cause of activity limitation, resulting in significant losses in productivity at work and incurring billions of dollars in medical expenditure annually. This school tries to create cross-talk between basic scientists in the field of pain and their clinical colleagues. It also intends to deepen knowledge of the current trends in the field. The other objectives of this IBRO School are to: empower attendees to carry out cutting-edge research in the field of pain and facilitate collaborative efforts in the study and management of acute and chronic pain in Nigeria. The school hopes to draw students from Nigeria and a team of national and international faculty.

About the school:

The estimated global prevalence of chronic pain in adults has been put at 20%. However, a recent report showed that the prevalence of lower back pain worldwide is estimated to be between 30 and 80% among the general population and has been found to increase with age. A systematic review has shown that the prevalence of pain especially lower back pain ( LBP) among African nations is much higher than the global prevalence estimates. Yet there is no concerted efforts to educate or train the populace or pain specialists in Africa on how to better understand the basic and clinical aspect of pain, unlike in other parts of the world where dedicated training centres in the pattern of IBRO Schools are available.

The understanding of basic pain processing in the body, its management and research is of fundamental importance if the burden of pain is to be alleviated in sub-Saharan Africa. The broad aim of this School is to train postgraduate basic and clinical scientists in current trends in the field of acute and chronic pain and its association with selected neurological diseases (e,g. Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases).

This IBRO School on acute and chronic pain will be beneficial to the education of young stakeholders in the field of pain research, education and management as well as neuroscientists who model neurological ailments which include acute or chronic pain. It will therefore deepen the knowledge of contemporary issues of pain with the utmost effect of enhancing good healthcare provision. It also has a multiplier effect to also enhance the good health of all neuroscientists since pain is one of the commonest neurological ailments in the world.

Who should apply to this school?

The students and faculty would be all-inclusive consisting of basic scientists and healthcare providers within the clinics. Thus we expect to have physiotherapists, nurses, MBBS holders, Ph.D. students, postdocs and other basic and allied health trainees as students in the school. Only trainees from Nigeria are eligible to apply. If students from other countries in West Africa have their own grants to attend they may apply but should state this in their applications. Students must demonstrate evidence of ongoing or past research or clinical practice in pain and its related fields.

What costs will be covered for selected participants?

Students will be provided with economy airfare via the shortest travel route or reimbursed for their cost of ground travel to Ilorin, Nigeria. Accommodation and feeding will be provided. Students should have a form of health insurance.

Application dates:
May 22 – June 22, 2023

School dates and location:

October 29 – November 4, 2023

University of Ilorin, Nigeria

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