In 2022, IBRO programs will benefit from an updated grant structure, with funding opportunities consolidated into the following broader categories. The intent is to enhance professional career opportunities available to the IBRO community, thereby adding to the recognition and inter-operationality of IBRO programs across regions. The new structure accounts for previously existing regional specificity including eligibility criteria. An additional benefit will be for the regional committees to gain focus on developing programs and initiatives that correspond to unique regional needs.

Global Partnership Programmes


  •  Global Engagement Initiative
  •  Kemali Prize Award
  •  IBRO/Kemali School
  •  Brain Awareness week
  •  IBRO-IBE/UNESCO Science of Learning Fellowships
  •  International Brain Bee
  •  ALBA / WWN Initiatives
Advanced Training Programmes


  • Cajal Training Centers
  • Africa Regional Training Centers
  • Asia Training Center Initiative

Young IBRO Programmes


  • IBRO Makers Lab
  • IBRO and Simply Neuroscience Partnership
  • Maternity/parenthood in Neuroscience grants 

Standard Regional Programmes (offered by regions that have selected to participate)


  • IBRO Travel Grants
  • IBRO Diversity Grants
  • IBRO Collaborative Research Grants
  • IBRO Early Career Awards
  • IBRO Exchange Fellowships
  • IBRO Return Home Fellowships
  • IBRO Meeting Support
  • IBRO National Neuroscience Society Partnerships
  • IBRO Schools 
Regional Development Programmes (based on specific regional needs)


  • LARC to be announced


  • PERC to be announced


  • US & Canada to be announced


  • Africa to be announced