Simply Neuroscience is composed of, and targeted towards, budding scientists at the high school and early undergraduate levels, a career stage at which Young IBRO is keen to develop.

By supporting this initiative, IBRO looks to extend training and research in neuroscience to the next generation of scientists, stakeholders and advocates.

At this career stage, access to neuroscientists and exposure to international neuroscience is usually limited, therefore, this program addresses an unmet need of a key demographic.

The programs include a debate and discussion on NeuroEthics as well as interviews of established scientists in the “MasterMINDS and me” podcast, potentially shaping the audience’s awareness and interest in neuroscience. 

For the proposed events supported by Young IBRO, we will encourage the organizers to consider how best to enhance a diverse representation of participants and promote inclusive and equitable principles that allow young people interested in neuroscience, whatever their identity, to participate. 

Simply Neuroscience is an international, student-run organization that has representatives from 119 countries. Students are key stakeholders in neuroscience education and research and are uniquely positioned to identify the needs of their community.

By supporting Simply Neuroscience, IBRO addresses a strategic need across countries, as well as guiding and supporting their own development of student-led and student-run programs.

Such programs, particularly those that are freely accessible and online, have the potential to evolve into long-term solutions for students who lack such resources in their own geographical, cultural, or socio-economic environments. 

Simply Neuroscience’s initiative known as “The Synapse” is a student-led coalition of podcast series that aims to promote dialogue with people from different backgrounds and showcase the interdisciplinary applications of neuroscience and psychology.

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For more information about the partnership please contact the Young IBRO Committee