By educating students participating in the Canadian Neuroscience School 2022, who are from African and Latin American regions, Young IBRO aims to improve and increase adoption of new, cheap, and powerful methods to measure the behavioral consequences of systems of neurons in the brain.

The IBRO Maker’s Lab at the IBRO Canadian Neuroscience School, Montreal, 6-28 May 2022 will

1) equip trainees with skills to design and construct scientific instruments that will enable new, cheaper, and better suited experimental inquiry in their home countries;

2) teach a small group of students the basic elements of custom programming, rapid prototyping, and data analysis; and

3) host the plans for the school and the student-designed code and instruments on GitHub).

The 14 students from the African and Latin American regions participating in the School will be taught to deploy increasingly standard methods to program and build custom instruments for neuroscientific research.

In past years, these students have comprised an even gender mixture of both graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and in some cases clinical faculty. 

For more information please contact the Young IBRO Committee