The ALBA network focuses on increasing visibility on DEI issues in brain sciences through the organization of events and panel discussions at major neuroscience conferences.

The Young IBRO Committee is partnering with ALBA to further advocate for the importance of diversity and inclusion in STEM and providing a safe space for the neuroscience community to openly discuss and define the various biases and hurdles faced by them during the course of their scientific career.

The Young IBRO Committee will therefore lead IBRO’s efforts to support ALBA’s mission and to overcome various forms of underrepresentation by:

  • highlighting the broad range of diversity issues that exist for different groups and in different regions (in NextInNeuro webinars for example), while also
  • developing and disseminating the broadly effective action plans that can be used by individuals and organizations around the world to address their particular DEI needs (such as the ALBA Declaration, resource curation, and advocacy and mentoring programs).

For more information please contact the Young IBRO Committee