World Women in Neuroscience

WWN is an independent consulting, mentoring, and networking body with the mission of promoting career development of women neuroscientists across the globe through mentoring and networking activities.

IBRO has partnered with WWN to promote inclusive networking and mentoring opportunities for female neuroscientists around the world, with a focus on scientists from underrepresented groups.

The primary goals of WWN are to:

  • Create an improved environment for career advancement in neuroscience for women in all regions of the world.
  • Promote equality and address gender and minority bias with varying regional needs and cultural traditions of women neuroscientists across the world.

WWN-IBRO programs support women scientists across the globe. Activities in 2023 will include: the launch of the online WWN Science and Career Mentoring Platform; bi-monthly member to member zoom WWN Talking Circles on various topics including resilience, psychosocial support, innovative therapeutic approaches and problem solving; webinars on career development and scientific topics with public health relevance; mentoring circles; sponsorship of scientific symposia at national and international meetings.

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