Visiting Lecture Team Committee


Academic institutions in virtually all nations offer lecture courses that include modern principles of basic neuroscience. Except for those in the richest nations, however, few have the personnel for courses that include an explanation of the experiments from which the principles are derived, which is essential for weighing their certainty and using them most effectively for developing a career in neuroscience research and/or medical practice. The VLTP offers experiment-based lecture courses in economically developing countries that cover a variety of topics of current interest in basic neuroscience. They include: mechanisms of impulse conduction and synaptic transmission; structure, function, and pharmacology of membrane receptors and channels; information processing in sensory systems; regulation of behavioural patterns; and neurodevelopment.


Jack McMahan (Chair, 2003)
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX, USA

Alasdair Gibb (2003)
University College
London, UK