IBRO Neuroscience Reports is an open-access journal, indexed in PubMed. Aside from original articles and reviews, the journal welcomes preliminary, descriptive, and small-scale results if they have the potential to stimulate and/or contribute to future research, leading to new insights or hypotheses.

The IBRO Neuroscience Reports Mini-Series aims to highlight the scientific accomplishments of young neuroscientists who have been associated with IBRO at a certain stage during their academic careers. This Mini-Series provides a unique platform to showcase the efforts of IBRO in supporting neuroscience around the world.  So far, organized two volumes have been organized:



  • Volume 1: Scientific Contributions & Advances by Latin American IBRO Alumni

          Guest Editor: Dr. Angeles Salles (Argentina)

  • Volume 2: Scientific Contributions & Advances by Asia-Pacific IBRO Alumni

          Guest Editor: Dr. Huong T.T. Ha (Vietnam)

Contributors to our Mini-Series include:

  • IBRO School / Associate School/ Advanced School Alumni
  • IBRO Travel Grant Awardees
  • IBRO Early Career Awardees
  • IBRO Global Engagement Seed Grant Awardees
  • IBRO Return Home Fellows
  • IBRO North America Lab Activity Awardees
  • IBRO MBL Summer Course Awardees
  • IBRO DANA/BAW Grant Awardees
  • [The above is not an exhaustive list]

The aforementioned volumes of the Mini-Series are still open for the submission of manuscripts. Previous IBRO awardees are invited to submit manuscripts highlighting their research works to the Mini-Series.  Interested contributors can contact either the respective Guest Editors or the Editor-in-Chief (Professor Ying-Shing Chan).