IBRO joins international expressions of solidarity in honor of George Floyd and against systemic racism, discrimination, injustice and violence, because we must all be part of the solution.

As the global federation of neuroscience organizations whose primary aim is to bring neuroscience to the world, IBRO has always been committed to making the field of neuroscience and its resources more accessible, beneficial and inspiring to people everywhere and from any background. Everyone – not only the few, not only the gifted, and not only the privileged – can participate in brain research and training, and everyone should benefit from this work.

We recognize, however, that persistent and systemic inequality, discrimination, and conscious and unconscious bias are still being perpetuated within our field. Together, we must acknowledge and assume responsibility for our own failings, find solutions, and take action. It is not enough to state that we have values of equality and inclusivity, we must make real changes and hold ourselves and our actions accountable if we are to create a more equitable, peaceful and thriving future.

It is with this very sensibility that IBRO has already planned an external review of our own policies, procedures and activities. By looking closely at our strengths and also our weaknesses, we aim to improve our work and provide more transparent, equitable and inclusive opportunities for the global neuroscience community. Inclusive of gender. Inclusive of race. Inclusive of the vulnerable and lower-resourced.

If there is any justice in these unjust times, it’s when we can look critically at our own efforts and take the steps necessary to ensure our work makes the world a better place for everyone. Globally, we are better when we all have a seat at the table – we all have something to contribute. Diversity is more than a word; it’s a commitment.

Tracy L. Bale
IBRO President