IBRO Schools are the main vehicle used by IBRO to interact with young people in all regions, providing unique opportunities for the mixing of faculty and students from different parts of the world. IBRO Schools are diverse and defined by the existence of a structured educational program that lasts a week or more and involves distinguished scientists with the capacity, experience and time to teach students and young faculty. IBRO’s support also emphasizes the need for Schools to focus on the training of young people from economically disadvantaged countries.

IBRO Call for School Proposals 2023

IBRO invites proposals for Associate, Advanced, and Specialized Schools from the Asia Pacific, African, Latin American, and Pan European national society members as well as other neuroscience organizations. 

The organizer should support students with round-trip tickets to the school site, in addition to providing accommodation and meals during the School. Each School may take students from outside the region (up to 1/3 of the total student population) provided it can maintain the program requirements (full support of students’ trips). All Schools are required to submit a copy of the program and a student list in advance of receiving payment. Regional and gender diversity is mandatory, both in faculty and student representation.

Proposals will be evaluated by the IBRO Regional Committees and a selection of proposals will be incorporated into the regional budget plan to be considered by IBRO Leadership in the Autumn of 2022. 

School categories:

Associate Schools (up to 20,000 EUR)

  • Each Associate School accommodates 20–40 students, who are mostly domestic (but may include some international students).
  • A schedule of no fewer than 5 days is expected.
  • Each consists of lectures, and group discussion. Experimental components are not mandatory.
  • Students are MBBS, MSc and Ph.D. students.

 Advanced Schools (up to 30,000 EUR)

  • Each School accommodates around 20-30 students for lectures, tutorials, and laboratory projects. At least half of the students should be international.
  • A schedule of 2 weeks is expected.
  • Students are senior Ph.D. students and postdocs who have had adequate exposure to at least one research technique during their graduate studies. Applicants are expected to have at least one publication.
  • Students will have hands-on experience in well-defined laboratory projects. Students are expected to acquire knowledge of both theoretical and technological advances in key areas of neuroscience research. They make presentations at the end.

Specialized Schools (up to 35,000 EUR)

  • Each Specialized School accommodates around 10 students. At least half of the students should be international.
  • A schedule of 10 days or longer is expected.
  • Small student-teacher ratio catering to in-depth interaction.
  • The host laboratory (or laboratories) should have the most advanced technologies, which have been demonstrated by publications.
  • Lectures, seminars and problem-based learning on the design of research projects. Laboratory works should be emphasized. Students make presentations at the end.
  • To provide additional intellectual exposure to senior postdocs and junior faculty who have good research training and good publication records.


Applications dates:
To open June 2022

Grant amount: up to 35,000 EUR

For any queries, please contact programs@ibro.org