The Governing Council of IBRO has confirmed its Regional Committees for the next year.

The highly diverse composition of the 2022 committee represents new opportunities for IBRO to engage with more networks of scientists and to explore different avenues to implement our mission.

Lars Kristiansen

IBRO’s five Regional Committees are in charge of a large part of IBRO’s activities, which they decide on and manage on behalf of their regional community, in line with IBRO’s global mission. 

Members of these committees are volunteer neuroscientists whose role within each committee is to define the funding priorities for IBRO in their region. These regional priorities include regional partnerships, grants programs and fellowships for scientists at different career stages.

In addition to an appropriate balance in gender and career stages of the members, diversity in terms of geographical representation is of high importance to ensure balanced representation within IBRO’s Regional Committees.

Regional Committees are responsible amongst others for identifying new sources of funding and partnerships as well as ensuring the scientific community in their region is aware of IBRO’s regional programs. Individual engagement and scientific networks of each Regional Committee Member are therefore also very important. 

Likewise, individual scientists and organizations alike are encouraged to engage with their Regional Committee members to help IBRO increase its’ impact in all of its regions.

On behalf of IBRO, I am very pleased to announce the new Regional Committees from 2022.

IBRO is indebted to these volunteer neuroscientists that in addition to their busy professional obligations take time to support IBRO in their regions.

The membership of IBRO Regional Committee is updated annually with new elections taking place for members of several of the committees in the Autumn of 2022. The calendar for funding opportunities for 2022 across the Regional Committees will be updated on the IBRO website in December 2021:

Lars Kristiansen
IBRO Executive Director


Based on the nominations of IBRO’s member organizations, 22 new and reappointed members of the Regional Committees were elected by the Governing Council for a 3-year term. IBRO regional committee members are appointed according to criteria that reflect the diversity of the Neuroscience Community.

Regional Committees 2022

IBRO Asia/Pacific Regional Committee (IBRO-APRC)
Aurnab Ghose, India
Yukiko Goda, Japan
Tadashi Isa, Japan
Bronwyn Kivell, New Zealand
Battuvshin Lkhagvasuren, Mongolia
Pike-See Cheah, Malaysia
Seungbok Lee, Korea
Abbas Haghparast, Iran


IBRO Africa Regional Committee (IBRO-ARC)
Esperance Kashala-Abotnes, Norway, DR Congo
Athanase Millogo, Burkina Faso
Bamidele Victor Owoyele, Nigeria
Thomas Tagoe, Ghana
Desire Tshala-Katumbay, USA, DR Congo
Amira Zakya, Egypt
Rachael Dangarembizi, South Africa
Khalid El Allali, Morocco


IBRO Latin America Regional Committee (IBRO-LARC)
Gabrielle Britton, Panama
Elaine Del-Bel, Brazil
Carolina Escobar-Briones, Mexico
Gustavo Murer, Argentina
Adrian Palacios, Chile
Ana Silva, Uruguay
George E. Barreto, Ireland, Colombia
Maria Julia Cambiasso, Argentina


IBRO Pan-European Regional Committee (IBRO-PERC)
Fabio Blandini, Italy
Herta Flor, Germany
Ana Maria Zagrean, Romania
Jose Luis Lanciego Perez, Spain
Marina Pizzi, Italy
Emmanuel Valjent, France
Arleen Salles, Sweden
Tom Baden, United Kingdom

IBRO US-Canada Regional Committee (IBRO-USCRC)
Michela Fagiolini, USA
Kurt Haas, Canada
Julie Lefebvre, Canada
Ramesh Raghupathi, USA
Lee Eiden, USA
Majid Mohajerani, Canada
Aparna Suvrathan, Canada
Leigh Anne Swayne, Canada