Publications Committee


The IBRO Publications Committee is responsible for overseeing the two IBRO journals, Neuroscience and IBRO Reports. The committee’s tasks are the following:

  • to assist the Editors in maintaining the highest standards in scientific content of the journal and to ensure that it promotes excellence in and awareness of neuroscience research from all regions of the world and in all areas of neuroscience research.
  • to maintain efficient communication between the Editors and Publisher (Elsevier) to ensure smooth running of the journal production process and timely publication of reports in paper and electronic form.
  • to monitor the general scientific publishing environment worldwide to ensure that Neuroscience and IBRO Reports maintain and increase their stature in the general framework of scientific and neuroscience journal publications and follow the latest trends in publishing.

Publication Committee Members

Tracy Bale (Committee Chair)
IBRO President
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, USA

Ying Shing Chan (Editor-in-Chief, IBRO Reports)
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China

Daniela Georgescu
Publishing Director, Elsevier Ltd
London, UK

Juan Lerma (Editor-in-Chief, IBRO Neuroscience)
Instituto de Neurociencias
Alicante, Spain

Lilia Marinkova 
Executive Publisher, Elsevier Ltd
London, UK

Jerome Sanes 
IBRO Treasurer
Brown University
Providence, USA

Keiji Tanaka 
IBRO Secretary General
RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Wako, Japan