Partnerships: Advanced Neuroscience Training


African Centers for Advanced Training in Neuroscience

The IBRO African Centers for Advanced Training in Neuroscience is an IBRO initiative in partnership with the IBRO African Regional Committee (IBRO-ARC), Mohammed V University of Rabat (Morocco) and the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Building upon the success of the Africa Schools Program and explicitly focusing on excellence in training, teaching and research, IBRO established two initial centres of excellence at UCT and Mohammed V University Rabat. Each center hosts a school for African neuroscientists at least twice every year. Once they are running regularly and reliably, it is hoped that more centres of excellence can be established in other countries on the continent. More information

Asian Centers for Advanced Training in Neuroscience

IBRO established partnerships with the RIKEN Center for Brain Science (Wako, Japan) and the Institute of Neuroscience (Shanghai, China) to ensure permanent and advanced neuroscience training in Asia, supported by top facilities and faculties of centers of excellence. organize annual summer training programs at their facilities. Each center summer program normally includes a school and a short laboratory internship for selected students.

CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme

The CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme is an independent international non-profit organization built upon a FENS and IBRO initiative in partnership with the Gatsby Charitable FoundationBordeaux Neurocampus (France) and the Champalimaud Foundation (Lisbon, Portugal). Its objective is to establish dedicated neuroscience training facilities in Europe. Six schools are hosted each year offering state-of-the-art hands-on training courses in neuroscience. They are designed by first-class neuroscientists and consist of 2-to-3-week project-based courses for approximately 20 international students.  The programme includes cutting-edge techniques and concepts relevant to modern neuroscience in a diverse array of disciplines.

Latin American Neuroscience Training Program

The IBRO Latin America Regional Committee (IBRO-LARC) and the IBRO US/Canada Regional Committee (IBRO-USCRC) partner with the Society for Neuroscience and the Grass Foundation to support the Latin American Training Program (LATP). This five-year initiative launched its first course in 2014, and builds on the historic strengths of the SfN Ricardo Miledi Program, a Grass Foundation funded training initiative that ran from 2003-12. The LATP is projected to serve approximately 650 trainees from Latin America and the Caribbean by the end of the five-year term. Fifteen outstanding students are selected each year to participate in an onsite, advanced 3-week training program. Additionally, more than 100 students from across the region participate in an online training program, which includes webinars, videos, networking, and discussions on professional development and the latest science.

IBRO/IBE-UNESCO Science of Learning Fellowships

The IBRO Science of Learning Initiative established in 2016 is the result IBRO’s efforts to globally recognize neuroscience research as crucial to increasing our understanding of how the human brain learns and to informing education practitioners, policymakers and governments how this knowledge can help address urgent international concerns ranging from curriculum development and learning to migration and equitable development. To launch the initiative, IBRO and the International Bureau of Education at UNESCO (IBE-UNESCO), established a program that offers 3 joint IBRO/IBE-UNESCO Science of Learning Fellowships each year for an initial period of three years. The selected Fellows pursue research projects at IBE-UNESCO headquarters for 3 months that will help to translate key neuroscience research on learning and the brain to educators, policymakers and governments. Click here to learn more.


Other areas of potential partnerships include travel grants and stipends, return home and other research fellowships, international short stay grants, neuroethics, diversity, history of neuroscience, awards of research excellence, PhD fellowships and increased support for young and disadvantaged neuroscientists, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America. If you are interested in exploring new ideas or future support within one of our existing partnership areas, please contact Lars Kristiansen, Director at lars.kristiansen[at]ibro[dot]org.