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Open calls – Grants

Call Eligible regions Open Deadline
Conference Sponsorships 2023 Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Pan Europe 1 July 2022 1 Aug 2022
Meetings Support 2023 Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Pan Europe 18 July 2022 18 Aug 2022
Maternity/Parenthood Grants All regions 18 July 2022 18 Aug 2022
Travel Grants (Jan – June 2023) All regions 20 July 2022 20 Aug 2022
MBL/CSHL Fellowships US/Canada Ongoing Course dependent

Open Calls – Schools & Training

School Where? Open to* Event dates (2022) Deadline (2022)
Advanced Bioimaging and Proteogenomics for Brain Tissue-Based and Animal Research Malaysia Asia Pacific 10-23 Oct 24 July
Teaching Tools Workshop in Africa Mali Africa 20-25 Oct 15 Aug
NeuroKit: Bonsai – Visual Reactive Programming (Cajal) Online All regions 24-28 Oct 8 Aug
ISRC Computational Neuroscience, Neurotechnology and Neuro-inspired AI (ISRC-CN3) Autumn School Northern Ireland Pan Europe 24-28 Oct 1 Sept
Behavioural Phenotyping of Mouse Models of Psychiatric Disorders Argentina Latin America 31 Oct – 18 Nov 1 Aug
IBRO-ICPBR Virtual Primate Neurobiology School China All regions 1-12 Nov 30 Sept
Neuroepigenetics: Writing, Reading and Erasing the Epigenome (Cajal) France All regions 21 Nov – 9 Dec 25 July
Challenges in managing epilepsy in Sub-Saharan Africa Burkina-Faso Africa 21-26 Nov 24 July
TReND in Africa and IBRO Advanced Neuroscience School South Africa Africa 5-17 Dec 5 Aug
Establishing EEG Training DRC Africa 19-21 Dec 31 July

*Applicants must be resident in the listed regions.

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