Modern times call for modern science and innovation is much needed now, even more than before. Neuroscience innovation can be achieved through holistic collaboration and early-stage funding. To nurture the innovative phases of neuroscience, IBRO continues its efforts to the promotion of neuroscience through programs across the world’s regions by working closely with FENS,  SfN, The Dana Foundation and many others to impact in a positive way the outcome of neuroscience globally.

The IBRO programs that are available and can be accessed in the upcoming period within the Africa, Asia -Pacific,  Latin America and Pan Europe regions are the following:

The IBRO-UI Neurobiology of Stress Symposium 

The Neurobiology of Stress symposium ‘From Neuropathological Perspectives to Methodologies and Molecular Adaptogenic Mechanisms’ brings together experts and students of stress and stress-related research to discuss critical aspects of neurological consequences of chronic stress destined for masters, Ph.D. students, and postdocs in neuroscience, medical and life sciences across African (mainly West African) institutions.

Application dates: 14th March – 14th April, 2022 (12:00 p.m Africa time).

Apply here:   IBRO-UI Neurobiology of Stress Symposium

Conference sponsorships

IBRO Conference Sponsorships

Sponsorships under this program may cover sessions or symposia taking place within formal and regular conferences organized by regional neuroscience societies and organizations.

Application dates: 1st  March – 1st April, 2022

Apply here:IBRO Conference Sponsorships 

Early career

IBRO Early Career Awards The purpose of this grant is to support early career principal investigators by providing supplemental laboratory funding. Applicants must have started their first independent research laboratory within the last 5 years.

Who should apply? 

The program is set to offer support to researchers that don’t have enough resources to advance in their respective careers  and it is open to applicants from all over the world. 

Application dates: To open April 2022

Apply here: IBRO Early Career Awards


IBRO Exchange Fellowships 

This program was established to advance neuroscience research by enabling high-quality early career neuroscientists from diverse geographic and scientific areas to broaden the scope of their training in neuroscience, in established laboratories.

Applications: 18th March – 18th April, 2022

Apply here:IBRO Exchange Fellowships 


IBRO-USRC MBL and CSHL Fellowships

This program for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows training in neuroscience, in the US and Canada, provides trainees with access to cutting-edge research approaches in contemporary neuroscience. Get financial support to take neuroscience or related courses at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) at Woods Hole, MA, and at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL).

Discover the eligible courses here and send in your application: IBRO-USRC MBL and CSHL Fellowships

Associate Schools

Ulaanbaatar Associate School on Brain-Related Disorders

By attending this school, participants will gain theoretical knowledge on recent advances in pathological mechanisms, diagnostics, and treatment of brain-related disorders covering neurological, neurosurgical and neuropsychiatric diseases. The applicants should be students in brain science from countries within the Asian-Pacific region.

Application dates: 8th March – 8th April

Apply here: Ulaanbaatar Associate School on Brain-Related Disorders

Associate Schools

1st IBRO-APRC Associate School on Advances in Nanoneurotherapeutics and Neurological Disorders

The aim of this school is to provide young nanoneuroscience scholars with in-depth knowledge about the role of nanomedicines in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Scholars (postgraduate and PhD) working from the neuroscience drug delivery field, brain targeting and in-vivo evaluation of herbs and drugs in neurological disorders from all institutions within the APRC region.

Application dates: 14th March – 14th April

Apply here: 1st IBRO-APRC Associate School on Advances in Nanoeurotherapeutics