IBRO Latin America Regional Development


The following programs are supported directly by the IBRO Latin America Regional Committee (IBRO-LARC). 


The Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Neurosciences (FALAN) was formed in 2013 with the aim of promoting the study and research of neuroscience, promoting links and exchanges between partners and with national and regional organizations and international related disciplines.

IBRO-LARC directly supports FALAN’s activities such LARC-FALAN symposia and FALAN Travel Grants, and contributes to annual administrative activities. 

IBRO-LARC gives preference to FALAN symposia which include younger scientists and offer training for scientists from countries with limited resources for research and/or teaching, and also awards a number of additional travel grants to support the coordination of the region’s neuroscience activities.

By receiving IBRO’s support, FALAN has committed to ensuring the organization of its activities with the necessary coordination to guarantee inclusion, gender equity, and community representation in any of the activities or programs included in its annual development plan.

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Seeding Neuroscience

This LARC initiative promotes the development of neuroscience in the less active countries of the Latin American Region. 

The IBRO-LARC Seeding Neuroscience Program offers an intensive course on the modern and basic principles of neuroscience. During the course activities, students are encouraged to interact with professors to exchange ideas, discuss the subject matter, establish links for the future and help plan their careers.

These factors go beyond the simple transfer of information about how the brain is formed or functions; it also involves basic science in developing therapies for neurological diseases.

The course is intended for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, young researchers, and advanced undergraduate students in biomedical sciences. It is expected to have 50-60 participants per course.

Initially, the priority for these courses will be in countries or regions that have had few opportunities to develop in the area of Neuroscience. 

Latin American Training Programme (LATP)

IBRO-LARC and IBRO-USCRC partner with the Society for Neuroscience and the Grass Foundation to support the Latin American Training Program (LATP).

The Latin American Training Program (LATP) is a comprehensive, year-long online training program. It provides webinars, recorded content, and online discussions on cutting edge science and professional development to young investigators from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Fifteen outstanding students are selected each year to participate in an online, advanced 3-week training program. Additionally, more than 100 students from across the region participate in an online training program, which includes webinars, videos, networking, and discussions on professional development and the latest science. IBRO-LARC will ensure inclusiveness, gender equity, and regional representation amongst the LATP organizers, professors, principal investigators and selected students.

In addition, two LATP Fellows are selected each year to receive an IBRO-USCRC LATP Fellowship which covers costs associated with participation in advanced training courses or other conferences/meetings. Selection is decided by the LATP organizers and takes into account gender and geographical balance within Latin America and the Caribbean.



To find out more about the program and how to apply please click here: Latin American Training Program