The aim of this school is to teach students how to integrate scientific discoveries from a broad array of scientific fields of inquiry. The interdisciplinary nature of the school will provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of animal behavior, neural systems that mediate behavior and human behavior in the context of biological and social science. In addition, students will develop basic competence in applied and basic neuroscience, with a focus on new methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental and neurological disorders. The school will gather experts from emerging areas of neuroscience, pharmacology, neurotoxicology, imaging, psychology and psychiatry, alongside public health experts to train those pursuing medical, industrial, research, and government careers.

About the school:

The concept of human health is all about interactions between the brain, behavior, and biology that require greater understanding through interdisciplinary scientific exploration. This hybrid school is designed to provide cohesive and in-depth training in public health processes which incorporate a neurobiological level of analysis. The school is designed to be competitive for those currently based in traditional departments including psychology, behavioral medicine, health promotion, neuroscience, and biology and aimed at those looking to become leaders in departments expanding their disciplinary representation in this domain.

Who should apply to this school?

Masters, PhD & Postdoc scholars, junior faculty, research associates etc from all regions who are pursuing careers in the fields of public health, psychology, biological sciences, allied health sciences or social sciences.

What costs will be covered for selected participants?

Travel, accommodation and meals


Malir University of Science and Technology

Application dates:
February 27 – March 27, 2023

School dates and location:

July 24-29, 2023

Malir University of Science and Technology

Karachi, Pakistan

School website:

Apply HERE

For any queries, please contact Dr. Shamoon Noushad at