IBRO currently offers a wide variety of funding opportunities. Applicants will benefit from an updated grant structure, facilitating a simplified and more efficient application process and enabling clearer dissemination of information across regions.

Previous funding programs which were similar across IBRO regions are now centralised under broader program headings (e.g. IBRO Travel Grants, IBRO Exchange Fellowships). As a result, IBRO’s regional committees are focused on developing initiatives corresponding to unique regional needs.

To this regard, IBRO-USCRC Rising Stars Award is a program that allows early career faculty from underrepresented minority groups in the US and Canada to secure substantial start-up funds (deadline 30 June) that supports the same objective as The return home fellowship program

IBRO’s new Conference Sponsorships aims to reinforce the link between IBRO and regional neuroscience societies by increasing the visibility of IBRO and its programs through targeted sponsorships. Moving forward, we are delighted to provide enhanced professional career opportunities to the neuroscience community while maintaining our commitment to transparency, equity and inclusion in 2022.