IBRO strongly opposes the use of unprovoked aggressive acts of violence by individuals and nations. The current war in Ukraine represents a devastating conflict with great human suffering as its consequence. With a mandate to speak and act on behalf of our global membership, IBRO supports the strong and united appeal from the international community for Russia to end the aggression towards Ukraine, an independent European nation, and to seek peaceful solutions to differences through the use of diplomacy and engagement.

IBRO stands fully behind the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, an academic member organization of IBRO, and in support of all scientists from Ukraine. Scientific endeavours require stable, reliable and peaceful environments to thrive, and the ongoing war where millions of refugees seek a safe haven outside of the country, has severely constrained or ended possibilities for scientists in Ukraine to continue their work.

In recognition of the inability of IBRO to respond to the greater life and death situations that result from the war, IBRO encourages the global scientific society to make donations towards international non-governmental humanitarian organizations that are on the ground in, and around Ukraine – as they are often present in countries and regions around the world that are impacted by instability and war.

IBRO leadership has approved donations in a total amount of 60.000 € to three humanitarian organizations that carry out their activity in conflict areas, like Ukraine, for the support and assistance of people in these areas.

IBRO career supporting programs also provide opportunities for transition and career continuity for impacted neuroscientists from Ukraine. IBRO relies on the scientific community to stand together and show solidarity, now and always!