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IBRO-USRC MBL and CSHL Fellowships

This program for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows training in neuroscience in the US and Canada, aims to increase diversity in neuroscience in the region, by providing...

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2022 Programmes Overview

In 2022, IBRO programs will benefit from an updated grant structure, with funding opportunities consolidated into the following broader categories. The intent is to enhance...

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Grants awarded for 2022

Two of IBRO's most sought after grants have been awarded by the participating Regional Committees. Find out more below about the topics and countries involved.  IBRO-Dana Brain...

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Regional Committees 2022

The Governing Council of IBRO has confirmed its Regional Committees for the next year. The highly diverse composition of the 2022 committee represents new opportunities for IBRO...

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Upcoming events

The following upcoming events in different regions are sponsored by IBRO's different Regional Committees (RC): Latin America (IBRO-LARC) is holding a webinar on Diversity and...

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