IBRO has launched a call for its Governing Council to submit proposals of engaged scientists to stand for different positions within IBRO’s leadership during the upcoming elections. This year the Governing Council elects new members of the five Regional Committees (RCs), in addition to electing new senior leadership for the roles of IBRO President, Secretary General, and Treasurer.

Proposals are made on behalf of, and by each of IBRO’s close to 100 member organizations, and by the members of the Board of Directors.

Here’s your chance to play a crucial role in defining IBRO’s leadership and direction for the years to come.

About the Elections

Date of the elections: 6 October 2024

Location: Assembly of the IBRO Governing Council in Chicago, USA

Deadline for Proposals: 2 July 2024

Nomination Details:

  • For IBRO Officer-elect positions, each member organization can propose up to 2 individuals per position;
  • For IBRO RC members, each organization can propose up to 3 individuals per region;
  • The same individual may be proposed for multiple IBRO Officer positions if deemed relevant.
What is the role of IBRO Officers?

The President represents IBRO externally, overseeing the strategic direction of the organization. The President also chairs all key meetings of IBRO and ensures the global adherence to IBRO’s values.

The Secretary General assists the President, overseeing administrative processes, and ensuring transparent decision-making across IBRO’s committees. The Secretary General oversees that the organization abides by its own regulations, and, as needed, acts as Interim President.

The Treasurer manages IBRO’s finances, ensuring transparent use of funds in compliance with international regulations. As chair of the Finance Committee, the Treasurer advises on investments, and oversees all financial reporting by the organization.

Available Officer Positions:

  • IBRO President
  • IBRO Secretary General
  • IBRO Treasurer
What is the role of an IBRO regional committee member?

Members of IBRO RCs are responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of IBRO’s programs in their region. The RCs have a large degree of autonomy for decisions about the annual allocation of IBRO’s funds and the members actively contribute to these regional decisions. RC members also play a key role in the revision and evaluation of regional and international program applications and participate in decisions in this regard. 

Available RC Positions:

  • Africa Regional Committee (IBRO-ARC): 3 positions
  • Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (IBRO-APRC): 4 positions
  • Latin America Regional Committee (IBRO-LARC): 3 positions
  • Pan-Europe Regional Committee (IBRO-PERC): 5 positions
  • US/Canada Regional Committee (IBRO-USCRC): 5 positions
Make Your Voice Heard!

Your participation is key to ensuring the transparent and effective functioning of our organization.

We warmly encourage you to reach out to a member society of IBRO for your nomination or contact IBRO directly for support at elections@ibro.org.