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IBRO-ECC Regions Connecting Awards


These IBRO-ECC awards seek to foster international scientific collaboration and development of human resources across different IBRO regions (Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America and US/Canada). The main goal of the awards is to facilitate collaboration between:

a) two emerging research groups from two different IBRO regions or

b) one emerging and one established research group from two different IBRO regions

The exchange must include bi-directional travel of Principal Investigators, postdocs and/or students that plan to work on the scientific collaboration defined in the project application. The exchange must occur within a two-year period.

Awards up to 6,000 USD are granted to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, subsistence and research between the two groups. Two awards per IBRO region are available each year.

Eligibility requirements:

1. Applicants must have been Principal Investigators for seven years or less. Any extended breaks from research (e.g. maternity, paternity or adoption leave) is accepted and should be justified in the application.

2. At least one research group should be an emerging laboratory

3. At least one research group should be a basic neuroscience laboratory

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