Image source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s Public Health Image Library 

The COVID-19 pandemic has by now affected everyone, including the global neuroscience community. To capture the experiences of different brain researchers around the world, IBRO has launched its “COVID-19 Series: Global Neuroscience Experiences,” a collection of video interviews featuring personal perspectives from our community. We hope that this will serve as an inspiration and acknowledgement of the commitment and solidarity of scientists during such challenging times.

Episode 1: Tracy L. Bale,
Working under lockdown, mental health and matching hats and cocktails.

Episode 2: Juan Lerma,
Healthcare support, impact on scientific publishing and investing in brain research.

Episode 3: Thomas Tagoe,
Ghana conditions, increased scientific awareness and new collaborations.

Episode 4: Aparna Suvrathan, Canada
Early career investigator experience, zoom beers and returning to research.

Episode 5: Amaicha Depino, Argentina
Childcare challenges, mute lecturing and reducing pressures.

Episode 6: Sung-Jin Jeong,
Getting back to work: Lonely lunches, two on a bench and the new virtual normal.

Episode 7: Amadi O. Ihunwo, South Africa
Global neurodata, African collaboration and sharing experiences.

Episode 8: Fabio Blandini,
Working in a research hospital in Lombardia and NeuroCOVID: the neurological symptoms of COVID-19.

Episode 9: Urtė Neniškytė, Lithuania 
Increased competition in academic publishing, family and the virtual FENS forum.

Episode 10: Aurnab Ghose,
Setting up a COVID-19 testing centre and the future of Indian neuroscience.

Episode 11: Elaine Del-Bel,
Solidarity, postponing the FALAN 2020 Congress, and building a Latin American Neuroscience community.