As we look toward 2022 and beyond, IBRO’s global impact and leadership seems increasingly important. IBRO is committed to holding itself and our members to the highest bar, to ensure that our values are transparently implemented across all our activities. IBRO stands strong in support of assuring global access to neuroscience excellence in research, training and mentorship.”

Tracy L. Bale, IBRO President

IBRO is delighted to announce the publication of its 2021 Annual Report. This annual review provides an important opportunity for IBRO to highlight the accomplishments of its global neuroscience community, evaluate IBRO’s worldwide and regional impact, and establish goals for the coming period. 

2021 was an exciting year for IBRO, in which it began a process to refine its programmatic and administrative structure, centered around the needs of the diverse, global community. The 2021 report showcases the work IBRO has undertaken to streamline its programs, and provides an overview of its core foundational components, governance structure, journals and finances, as well as the actions supported by IBRO’s Regional Committees and Young IBRO.

IBRO extends its thanks to the international community and its membership for their continued support. 

IBRO would also like to thank Greg Dunn, a neuroscientist and artist who has fused science and art together in his paintings and micro-etchings, for generously providing the images used throughout the report, as well as multipleStudio, the Madrid-based graphic design company which helped create the report. 

The IBRO Annual Report 2021 can be viewed and downloaded here.