If you have received IBRO grants for individual research, the organization of schools and events, global advocacy events or have supervised an IBRO grantee, you are requested to fill out a report form and submit it to the IBRO Secretariat at the end of the grant period. The report forms are online and can be accessed at the following links:

Grant Report Form

This form is to be filled out for most IBRO grants. A detailed outline of the form can be found in the bottom section of this page in order to give you an idea of the information requested. If you have received a global advocacy seed grant, there is a separate form for you to fill out.

Grant Report Form: Supervisor Evaluation

School Organizer Report Form

Event Organizer Report Form
Diversity Grant activities
Short Courses

Global Engagement & BAW Grant Evaluation

Global Engagement Seed Grant
IBRO/Dana BAW Grant

If you have any problems accessing the online forms, please contact us at programs@ibro.org.

Detailed Outline of the IBRO Grant Report Form

Purpose: This sheet provides an outline of the information that will be requested from IBRO grant awardees after their grant period has ended to help evaluate IBRO grant program experiences through an online form. Please note that the form includes required fields (indicated by red asterisks) that you must fill in before moving to the next section. If the required field does not apply to your grant, please enter “Not Applicable.” There are a total of six sections. Thank you for your participation and support of IBRO grants.

Link to: IBRO Grant Report Form
Download a pdf of this information sheet: IBRO Grant Report Info Sheet

Information requested in the form (a total of 4 sections):

Section 1: Awardee Information

1. First Name*
2. Last Name*
3. Level of Completed Education*
4. Current Status*
5. Research Focus*
6. Email*
7. Gender*
8. Nationality*
9. Date of Birth*
10. Address*

Section 2: Grant Information

1. Name of Grant*
2. Expected Outcomes*
3. Award Amount ($USD or €Euro)*
4. Home Institution*
5. Home Supervisor*
6. Home Supervisor Email*
7. Host Institution*
8. Host Supervisor*
9. Host Supervisor Email*
10. Start Date*
11. End Date*

Section 3: Evaluation of Grant Experience

1. Did the grant help you in your career?*
2. New techniques learned
3. Seminars attended
4. Presentations given
5. Any possible publications resulting  from grant
6. Networking benefits (future collaborations, grants, exchanges or partnerships, etc.)
7. Any other benefits (mentoring, interdisciplinary perspectives, intercultural understanding, etc.)
8. Were the grant amount and length of visit satisfactory?*
9. How could the grant be made more beneficial to your career?*
10. What grant features should remain the same?*
11. Did you feel adequately informed during the granting process?*
12. What career plans do you have for the future?*
13. Any other comments or suggestions
14. Overall rating of grant experience*

Section 4: Picture and Uploads

Uploads or link to pictures & other files. (maximum file size per files is 300MB)

If your files are larger than 300MB, please include any online link(s) to them at the end of the section or send to programs[at]ibro[dot]org.

Your uploaded pictures and other files will not be shared unless you give permission by selecting your preferences in this section.*

Note on editing forms: If you want to start the form and then return to enter more information later, you must provide “filler” data into the required fields, submit the form and return later using the link unique to your form that will be emailed to you immediately after submission.

*Mandatory fields