Funding FAQs


Who can help me with a question about my online application?
Please contact the IBRO Central Office at and allow two working days for a response.

What are the deadlines for applying?
Deadlines vary – see individual applications for more details. Application forms are accessible for editing until Midnight (CET, or Central Europe Time: Paris) of the deadline date listed for each application. Only completed applications will be considered in the competition.

What should I do if my referee has not yet received any information from IBRO regarding my application?
First, please ask your referee to check his/her “junk-mail” box. If the message did not arrive, please request your referee to contact IBRO Central Office at

Is it possible to receive feedback on my application in the event that I am not chosen to be funded?
Due to the high number of funding requests we receive, we are unable to answer individual requests about the results.

How do I receive the funds from my IBRO grant?
You will receive instructions for reimbursement in the official letter you receive informing you of the grant.

Can I receive my funds in advance of the meeting or conference for which I have received a travel grant?
No, it is not possible to send the funds prior to the meeting. To verify that you have attended the meeting or conference for which you have received a travel award from IBRO, the IBRO Secretariat must receive your certificate of participation, which you may send at the time you submit your bank information to be reimbursed.

Can I apply for an IBRO Research Fellowship if I have already started my post-doc fellowship abroad?
IBRO does not provide follow-on funding. You must apply for the one-year Fellowship before starting the position at the laboratory abroad.

Can I apply for IBRO Return Home Funding if I have already returned to my country of origin?
No, you must not yet have returned to your country of origin at the time you apply for IBRO Return Home funding.

Who makes the decisions regarding the funding programs administered through IBRO Central?
The IBRO Fellowship, Travel Grants and Return Home Program Committee, in liaison with IBRO’s Regional Committees, reviews and ranks the applicants. The Committee brings a local perspective to decisions made in all of IBRO’s centralized funding programs. Because the Committee comprises IBRO Regional Committee Chairs, they can tap into the knowledge of local neuroscience programs and training needs to ensure that the most promising and most deserving candidates are selected to receive IBRO funding awards. At the same time, the Committee Chair makes every effort to ensure a balanced geographical representation and a fair distribution of funds to create career-enhancing opportunities for as many young neuroscience researchers as possible.

Will the information I enter in my funding application remain confidential?
Personal data collected from our members are used exclusively for the needs of IBRO.  Access to these data is secured and limited to the IBRO Fellowships Committee or their designees and the IBRO Secretariat. These data are not made available to any outside institution or interests.