The 4th IBRO-Asia Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) Chandigarh Associate School on Translational Neuroscience is currently being hosted by the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab University – commemorating the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the Institute.

The school was inaugurated by guest of honor and IBRO-APRC Committee Member, Dr. Pike See (pictured below) from the Universiti Putra Malaysia. She emphasized the importance of translational research specifically in the field of neuroscience. Translational Neuroscience applies findings from fundamental laboratory research on brain structure and function to the development of new therapies for neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental diseases. Translational neuroscience is a new and rapidly advancing area of biomedical research with broad therapeutic and commercial potential.

Practical training and lectures by renowned speakers allow the 25 students from the Asia-Pacific Region to explore this new emerging field of neuroscience. The school in Chandigarh, India, started on the 10th of November 2019 and will continue to the 17th.