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The IBRO Exchange Fellowship program was established to advance neuroscience research by enabling high-quality early career neuroscientists from diverse geographic and scientific areas to broaden the scope of their training in neuroscience by conducting goal-directed laboratory visits in established laboratories.

The grant is to be used for travel and local expenses throughout the exchange period. Priority will be given given to applicants from less developed and less well-funded countries in combination with efforts to ensure both gender and regional diversity. Applicants should explain how the newly gained knowledge and skills will be used to advance research in the home laboratory.

General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants should be PhD neuroscience students or early postdoctoral fellows (maximum 5 years from the start of the postdoc) 
  • Mandatory letter of acceptance from the host laboratory
  • A minimum of one reference is required. Two references are ideal 

Fellowship Specifications:

  • The fellowship must begin in 2023
  • The fellowship must involve a change of country (i.e. the host laboratory should be located in a different country than the home laboratory)
  • Fellowships should be completed in a maximum of one year from the time of award
  • The required funding report should be submitted no later than 3 months following the end of the exchange
  •  Funds will transferred according to an 80:20 format, meaning 80% of the grant will be awarded two months prior to the start date of the exchange, and the remaining 20% upon completion and submission of the associated grant report

Regional Eligibility Requirements:


Both the applicant and the host laboratory must be within the Asia-Pacific region. The grant is to be used along with matching funds from the host laboratory to defray the cost of travel and to subsidize living costs.

Applicants resident within the Asia-Pacific Region may apply to one of two different funding schemes:

1. Short Exchange + Scientific Meeting

 This grant enables eligible neuroscientists to attend a meeting held by an APRC neuroscience society outside the country they are currently working. The society organizing the meeting must be an APRC national society member of IBRO.

The applicant is also required to arrange a 2-week minimum laboratory visit that would be beneficial to their research. The award is for a combination of the scientific meeting and the lab visit and must include both components.

2. Classic Exchange

The applicant is required to arrange a 4-6 month laboratory exchange. 

Latin America

The length of the proposed laboratory exchange should be a minimum of 2 months. Applicants may apply for exchanges within or outside the Latin American region.

Applications dates:
23 Jan to 15 April 2023

Apply HERE

Maximum grant amounts:


  • Short Exchange + Scientific Meeting: 2,500 EUR
  • Classic Exchange: 8,000 EUR

Latin America: 8,000 EUR

For any queries, please contact