Last Summer, the IBRO Regional Committees had the hard task of evaluating and deciding among several excellent applications for Global Engagement Seed Grants, Rising Stars Awards, Meetings Support, and Conference Sponsorships. Now, IBRO is delighted to support:

  • 11 Global Engagement Seed grantees, to conduct outreach and engagement activities in their local areas
  • 2 Rising Stars awardees, to foster their successful transition and retention into their new academic positions
  • 20 recipients of Meetings Support, to organize symposia, short courses, workshops, and meetings on important topics in neuroscience

The awardees come, in total, from 22 countries from all over the world and over half of the awardees being female. 

IBRO’s latest awardees come from 22 countries

In addition, IBRO will proudly sponsor twelve conferences happening next year in eleven countries from all over the globe:

In 2023, IBRO will sponsor conferences happening in 11 countries